Gloria Ciceri, Italian Brand & Motion Designer based in Germany.

A list of what has been inspiring me lately

Inspiration Board: Spring 2024

Welcome to Design Inspiration Board: Spring 2024! Spring is a time of renewal and creativity, and this season has been no exception. From vibrant brand campaigns to innovative design projects, my inspiration board is brimming with visual delights. I’ve curated a selection of the most captivating and thought-provoking works that have sparked my imagination and fueled my creativity this spring.

Landor, Lion & Lion, Koto
  1. Imperia, by Landor: Inspired by history and culinary innovation, Landor Milano reimagined Imperia’s brand identity, blending tradition with modernity for a dynamic future.
  2. Sitch, by Lion & Lion: For the DIELINE The Best in Packaging 2024, Lion & Lion is the Best of Show winner: this tesselated packaging system is both functional and fun, offering a sustainable refillable option for reducing plastic waste. The practical and eco-friendly approach sets a new standard for bath and beauty brands.
  3. Microsoft: Reimagine Action, by Koto: An optimistic vision for a greener future. The campaign’s vibrant visuals and compelling narrative emphasize carbon neutrality, waste reduction, and biodiversity, celebrating real-world change agents. I’m a big fan of the illustration/animation treatment.
Penguin Books, Livity, The Lost Lionesses

4. Cover Design Award 2024 shortlist, by Penguin Books: The shortlist features 30 stunning designs across fiction, non-fiction, and children’s categories, showcasing incredible creativity and innovation. Each cover tells a unique story, offering a fresh take on these beloved titles.

5. CoppaFeel! rebrand, by Livity: a breast cancer awareness charity. The new identity balances playfulness and urgency with bright colors, tactile typography, and upbeat messaging. Created with input from young people, the design includes a squishy logo and strong, rigid elements to emphasize the importance of early detection. Sooo good!

6. The Lost Lionesses, led by creative director Craig Stronach: the photographic project commemorates the pioneering but forgotten English women’s football team of 1971. The project honors the team with a playful photoshoot, featuring custom caps and footballs made from recycled materials.

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