One Show 2012 – Horses

One Show 2012

Peta Horses

Brief, Problem and Creative Idea

Our aim is to realize a TV commercial in order to support PETA’s activity against horse racing.

PETA wants to make terrible maltreatments that racing horses receive known. These abuses come from strokes to slaughtering.

As horse racing’s spectators, we can see only the honest face of this sport. In reality, this sport is violent. What horses suffer is an invisible massacre. From this point, we have produced a 30 second commercial.
At the start, we see a movie warning sign: the first information about horse racing’s maltreatments is written on it. Then, a horse race’s short movie follows: people enjoy this moment and watch it from the bleaches while horses run on the course. A series of textual signs concludes the commercial: the first one with other information about horse racing’s maltreatments; the second one with the commercial insight and the third one with a call to action.

Art Direction made by me
Copywriters: Andrea Limardo, Lorenzo Branchi, Davide Lindner.
Competition: One Show
Client: Peta

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