RHNK Magazine

RHNK Magazine

Illustration for RHNK Magazine about Clubs

What is a club? For my point of view it’s a crazy place full of strange stuff and colours. I designed this illustration for a Magazine called RHNK. They describe them selfs like this: “RHNK is a square little magazine with a different theme every issue”. The second issue is about CLUBS, cults and mental breakdowns. I started to think about my illustration on a Sunday afternoon, in my fave cafe, drinking a soy cappuccino after a long night closed in a club. I’m always impressed by what is going on on the dancefloor: people are dancing, drinking, chatting, taking pictures…oh no no, not in Berlin, that’s not possible. I can’t define myself a party girl but I know what are the rules inside clubs: NO RULES. You can be everyone or everything you want and nobody will care about it… “Are you talking about Berghain?” “…nah, never been there”…” you should!”. By the way, there are many kinds of clubs, with different people inside, different worlds. That’s what I love here, in Berlin, even I’ve never been to Berghain 😉

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